“When we attended the last day of the summer camp for Holy Mass, we were so joyed to see the participation of David and his peers in the responses of the Mass. Afterwards David told me about the apostles and how they went out to evangelise. I could only smile at his new learning. He really enjoyed the week including the canoeing, field trips and the friendship’s formed. Thank you to Fr. Eamon and the team and we hope to see you all again this year.”
– Andrea and Keith (parents)

“My son attended last year’s Catholic Boys’ camp at Knockadoon, Camp Creideamh. When I first mentioned it to him he was reluctant to go, as he doesn’t find the unknown very appealing or having to meet new people! I was keen for him to go but also worried for him because he had not successfully integrated into Irish society having moved here three years previously from Malaysia and a British International school. However, I knew Father Eamon and had every confidence that he would be safe and cared for by the entire staff, all professionals and wonderful people who give freely of their time. As Catholics, we need every help that is offered to bring our children up in the Faith. Apart from daily Mass, night prayers and readings from Scripture, they watched movies, went to the beach, enjoyed an excursion to Cobh, kayaking, hiking, swimming and diving and from a mother’s point of view helped with the washing up and setting the table!! My son was really glad he went and when I asked him for a score he said ten out of ten!”
– Cora (Mother)

“This was the first time Joseph was on a camp by himself and he felt the week was just right in terms of length. He was fortunate because the weather was amazing and it made the time even more enjoyable. It was also an enriching spiritual experience and Joseph very much enjoyed this dimension. I would have no hesitation in recommending Camp Creideamh to parents.”
– Mary (Mother)

“I was at the Camp Creideamh last year, the schedule was evenly balanced. I had a good time at the camp. We visited Spike island (via boat), played football and other sports including kayaking and we spent time flying a drone! Each day started by going to Mass at eight o’clock. The supervisors were friendly but firm and I made plenty of friends. Including myself, there was 17 boys attending the camp.”
– Joseph (camper)

“My son went to Camp Creideamh in Knockadoon in the summer of 2016. The setting on the Cork coast was spectacular. I knew some of the supervisors and was happy that Joseph was in such good company. The discipline was very benign but firm. The day started with early Mass which for most of us would be a great way to get the day going. Joseph made many new friends and took part in some great boyish activities. I am not being insincere by saying that I wish Knockadoon had been available to me when I was young.”
– Michael (Joseph’s father)


“Knockadoon Catholic Boys Camp is designed to be a week where young teenage boys can experience fun activities in a coastal seaside village in East Cork. Mixing outdoor activities such as sports, hillwalking, arts and crafts and faith learning, I heartily endorse this summer camp.”
– Bishop William Crean, Cloyne

“Well done on this initiative. It is exactly the kind of formation which is needed. May God bless it abundantly.”
– Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan, Waterford and Lismore