What to Bring

What to bring to Camp Creideamh:

Clothing to last for 6 days. Night clothes.

A raincoat.

Wristwatch. Please purchase a cheap one if you do not possess one.

Sports gear, sports shoes, equipment (e.g. runners or football boots, hurley).

Bed sheets for a single bed. Sleeping bag (or blankets or quilt), pillow and pillow case.


Bathroom stuff.

No need to bring bible; we will supply this.

Whatever musical instrument you can play.

Dancing shoes if you can dance.

A good book to read in your free time, if you like to read.

A board game to play with others in your free time, in case it rains.

Sun tan lotion.

Swimming clothes. This includes a bathrobe.

All other materials and equipment will be supplied.

Rosary Beads (we have spares if you come without)

Water Bottle