Study Day 4th Jan 2020

Camp Creideamh Catechism Study Day
Corrin Events Centre Fermoy (P61EE37), Sat 4th Jan, 2020

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Dear Parents

Wishing you a blessed Advent and Christmas period!!

This letter is being sent to families who have been involved in Camp Creideamh (Knockadoon). Continuing on the success of a similar day a year ago, on Saturday 4th January 2020 we will run a 1-day catechism study session, beginning at 10.00am and finishing at 5.30pm.
This one 1-day course will include both boys and girls together. The course will cater for teenagers between the ages 12 to 18 yoa, divided into two age groups, a younger group and an older group. The leaders/teachers running the course (including myself, who will be present throughout the day) will be from among those who assisted in the summertime camps; they will already have been garda-vetted and will have received child-safeguarding training.

The 1-day study program will provide a chance for friends from the summertime camps to become reacquainted. There will be a hot meal (dinner) arranged (1pm approx) and the day will conclude with Holy Mass and Confession.

Note: The venue for the study day is the Corrin Events Centre, Fermoy, Co Cork, P61EE37. This venue is a superb, modern conference centre, owned by Cork Marts and has hosted a number of religious events in the past. The easiest way to locate the building is to enter the eircode shown above into Google Maps on a smartphone.

A fee of 5 euro will be collected to cover the price of the hot dinner.

Having consulted with a number of Catholic parents, it was decided that the following topics would be appropriate and beneficial to cover in our study session:

  • The meaning of the Christmas story; familiarity with the terms Incarnation, Redemption, Sacrament, Blessed Trinity, History of Salvation, Epiphany, Exaltation, Sanctification, etc. The 1-day course aims to give the students familiarity with the language of the faith.
  • “The Word became Flesh and dwelt among us.” What does this mean for the dignity of our human bodies? How do we glorify God by the life we live in the flesh? How does this relate to the taking of drugs, our romantic expressions, body-image?
  • How to be a strong and secure Catholic teenager even though you may be in the minority.
  • Growing in the virtues of chastity, modesty and temperance. The dangers of pornography.
  • How prayer and availing of the sacraments (Confession and Eucharist) are vital in the teenage years. Imitating the saints. How a personal relationship with Christ can be the foundation of all other relationships.
  • A short movie on Saint Francis of Assisi.
  • How to respond appropriately to various agendas in the area of sexuality, evident in today’s society, that are not compatible with the Catholic faith. All teaching will correspond to what is taught in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
  • We will have some music and fun also as part of a day.
  • A testimony from a college-age practising Catholic on how to navigate the teenage years.

If you are interested in enrolling your teenage son/daughter for this 1-day catechism session then please contact me by voice or text or email (details below). I will need to have exact numbers beforehand so please don’t leave it too late to book – or at least give me an “expression of interest” as soon as you can. There is no booking form – parents will sign the necessary paperwork on arrival. Please feel free to ring me if you have any queries regarding the content of the course.

Also, while this letter is being sent to families who have already had a connection with Camp Creideamh, the 1-day session is open to other teenagers who might be interested. Please spread the word. If you’d like to share this letter with others you may direct them to

Yours in Christ
Fr Eamon Roche
(086 9972539, also on Whatsapp,